Gunthorpe's Collected Aphorisms

Aphorism One

Autism: the mark of Cain in the kingdom of the Blind.

Aphorism Two

A degenerate Culture substitutes Shame for Bravery.

Aphorism Three

In the Quest for Truth, do not succumb to the Tyranny of Facts.

Aphorism Four

Raise your children with the Aspiration of a Good Life, not the burden of its Expectation.

Aphorism Five

Gott ist Tot. Common Decency commands us to Dutifully pay our Respects.

Aphorism Six

An ounce of Doing is worth a pound of Saying.

Aphorism Seven

The most noble ambition of Education: Humility.

Aphorism Six (a)

An shilling of Evil will outspend a pound of Good