I, Gunthorpe

A Portrait of a very handsome looking Gunthorpe with a moustache not seen outside of Germany since the nineteenth century

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Conversation Hysteria.

My name is Norton Gunthorpe and I am an Autistic man in my forties. I live in a provincial town in the east of the England. I am happily, indeed ecstatically, divorced with an adult daughter.

My doctor, who is so elevated and noble as to be practically unapproachable, is a clinical colleague of Professor Simon Baron-Cohen.

I saw my first psychiatrist and psychologist when I was three years old and spent the next 15 years in a variety of special schools and institutions.

It was a childhood that left me well prepared for life to follow. A life not at all uncommon, but rarely recounted.

For nearly three decades I have watched as Autism has been transformed from an almost unheard of and rarely seen childhood condition, to one which threatens to cripple the UK's economy and burdens its tax-payers with its £28 billion annual cost.

I have been appalled at the ignorance and venom that powers the caustic debates surrounding Autism; left speechless at the doublethink proudly displayed by the intellectual elite and enraged at the degradation and politicization of my very being.

Ich bin der Autistischen Psychopath im Erwachsenenalter

And I come to claim my tithe.