The Latin and Greek & diverse other languages of Conversational Hysteria

Freely translated, solely for use in the context of Conversational Hysteria, by Norton Gunthorpe. Some definitions may allude to fairly obscure usages; some may be coinages; some plain wrong - dinner party bores beware. Corrections and comments are always welcome: norton.gunthorpe{at}


Caelum et terra - Heaven and Earth
Ex Libris - From the library of
Quo Vadis - Where are you going?
Deo Iuvante - With God's help


Gott ist Tot - God is dead
Wir sind die Autistischen Psychopathen im Erwachsenenalter - 
We are the Autistic psychopaths in adulthood
Freude's götter funken  - Joy's divine spark


Θεοξένια - Theoxenia, playing host to a god