The Residential Autist

K.O.R. writes a moving post on a Social Worker's visit to her care home in Cheshire,

today, it was building and building, coud not cope with not knowing what social worker was going to say, so ended up head banging on the hand rail of own toilet,

had cut self earlier because of it but that piece of metal had been removed, dont know why exactly had been head banging

[whether was trying to communicate whatever,get pressure, distract etc], but am also known to do it to knock self out to avoid a very bad situation.

KO didnt happen but ended up with a bruised swolen and bloody head.

You can read the rest of the post here. She says of herself,

K.O.R. is twenty six years old,Classic Autistic and lives in a residential centre for child and adult autists.

K.O.R. is often non verbal, and uses makaton, text to speech on laptop and PECS for communication.

I think her blog, The Residential Autist, is a must-read.

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