Autism Commentary - Two

Well I am Larry Arnold, I am autistic... ...My success is nothing to do with Autism... ...”

I am Norton Gunthorpe, I am autistic - I have a DMS IV-TR 299.8 diagnosis... ... I am Norton Gunthorpe, I am Autistic - I have a self-evident, well-attested and distinctive cognitive style that in the absence of a pathological model would still cleave me from Corpus Homo.

The truth is, autism (DSM style) is on its way to the phenotypic and genetic dustbin. If you do not realise this, then your time in the Whoop has been wasted. A veritable Marmoset inter Silverbacks? If so, who is your Professor Feilding, I wonder?

The questions are:

Are Autistics to be extirpated along with autism?


Quo Vadis, Mr Rex?”

Larry Arnold and Norton Gunthorpe lock horns.

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