Deo Iuvante - Two

Here is the Lay of the Land. It's time to light you hookahs:

Neurotypicals are Evil.

That is, Neurotypicals in their basic and untutored form are Bad News. With many years of appropriate schooling and support from understanding and enlightened parents, it is possible for them to mature into nominally useful members of Society.

This diagram will help explain

But it's only nominal, as they've not yet had long-enough to fuck-up: fuck themselves-up, fuck the world up, and most importantly from an Autistic's point of view, fuck other people-up.

the natural expression of their genotype.

Free from the constraints of their admonishing tutors and disapproving families, they quickly revert to the natural expression of their genotype.

to subject every idiot in Britain to tertiary education

The best exponents of the NT's practical application of Evil arises not in the intellectual superstars of Oxford and Cambridge, but from a large group of people of dull-normal intelligence who've benefited from the insane thrust to subject every idiot in Britain to tertiary education, whether or not they could read and write or even have opposable thumbs...

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Anonymous said...

Why did you "out" Matt Carey here as posting as Sullivan on LBRB:-

Is that confrontational? He has an autistic son and probably thinks he is doing the right thing. Is there any reason for doing that?


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