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JB Handley, one of the silliest of the Silly who populate the Age of Autism blog, has a bee in his bonnet about the real identity of “Sullivan”, a regular contributor to the LeftBrainRightBrain website.

Handley claims as a result of extensive research, which doesn't appear to have included using Google, that "Sullivan" is Bonnie Offit, wife of the ardently pro-vaccination Dr Paul Offit.

It will come as something of a disappointment to him and conspiricists in general, to find out that "Sullivan" is in fact Matthew Carey, generally known as Matt Carey.

Sorry JB, but you've been scooped by someone who knows how to use a search engine.

And as for the hundreds of AoA readers streaming in, please stay around for a little while. We have a very good Library of Autism's Standard References.

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BonO said...

Now you've gone and ruined all the fun.

Norton Gunthorpe said...

Sorry, but I just couldn't help myself... I mean for G-d's sake, hasn't Handley heard of Googling!?

Clay said...
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