The Residential Autist - Two

K.O.R. is a 26 year old woman with classic autism who lives in a care home in central northern Britain. Like many of her severely autistic blogger-comrades, she gets far less attention to those of us who can carve verbal chandeliers whilst refraining from peeing our pants and hitting people.

Sasha Baron Cohen
Personally I'd like to have Professor Baron-Cohen  turn-up as a dinner guest, piss himself and then hit me. Having lived for 10 years now, with the Mark of Simon smeared across my left cheek it's about time he finished the job.

Anyway KOR's been out and about this week:

the hospital had told staff all week a sound proofed room was sorted for the appointment, and to phone them when we were going to set off so the waiting areas in neuro department coud be kept as quiet and empty as possible...

in reality, the noise hit as soon as we got out... though was being comfortingly restrained on each side by manager and a staff - who both make self feel safe and secure, was still hitting out though hopefully had aimed it at self...

...but it hadnt of mattered anyway as had end up kicking off but quickly shut down sue to being so severely overloaded...

anyways,enough whinging,off to give this bugger:
her anti pyschotic medication [some rubs and head scratches].

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